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 If you’re ready for a life-changing journey that will accelerate your mindset and career growth, you’ve come to the right place.


Executive Excellence Networking Group


My goal is to improve the careers, lives and happiness of all professionals, one mindset at a time! And I know that the best way to do this is with a like-minded group of professionals.

After working with senior leaders every day, I see first-hand the pressure put on them both professionally and personally.

If you commit to just 60 Minutes of Group Mindset Study per week, I guarantee your career and life will change for the better. 

Most people don't know the incredible benefits of mindset coaching and the immediate impact it has on improving lives. In fact, most people (and I used to be one of them) don't know the difference between Mindset and Mindfulness. This can be confusing, but there is a huge difference and it's really important to work on both.

Mindfulness - Is the idea of learning how to be fully present and engaged in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgment.

Mindset - Is the deeper work of understanding your limiting beliefs and behaviours through your thoughts, feelings and actions. This understanding creates opportunities for you to grow beyond those limitations.


Through Mindset Coaching, I have been able to share the most powerful mindset strategies and tools to completely transform professionals' careers and lives. 

I have witnessed the enormous benefits and transformations that mindset coaching has created for my clients. View my LinkedIn profile to read my client testimonials.

Believe it or not, there is another way to succeed that doesn’t involve daily frustrations, negative relationships, unwanted stress, sleepless nights, overwhelm and pressure, imposter syndrome, second-guessing and self-Doubt to name a few...

To help solve these challenges, I have launched Executive Excellence Networking Group, which includes a LIVE Weekly Group Mindset Study Session for busy Senior Professionals. 

My weekly sessions will include topics like deliberate thinking, goal attainment, attitude, gratitude & impressions, cause & effect, limiting beliefs & behaviours, personal space, connections & networks, helping others through service, self-image, thoughts, feelings, actions and results, authenticity & persistence, your potential

There are 100s of mindset strategies that can immediately impact your career and life once you understand and apply them and I will be covering the most important and powerful of these each week. 

Membership Details


By joining Executive Excellence Networking Group you will become part of a high performance and highly driven group of executives and entrepreneurs. 

Executive Excellence Networking Group includes:

1. Live weekly 60 Minutes of Mindset Group Coaching Sessions (Every Tuesday @12.30PM AEST)

2. Session recorded and available for 7 days in case you missed the Live one

3. Monthly introductions to another member of your network of highly driven professionals to meet one-to-one.

4. Discounted private coaching sessions with Liz

5. Free On-boarding Bestseller Audiobook

6. Cancel at any time

The monthly membership cost is $149 plus GST.

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