Helping Senior Leaders Achieve Their Highest Professional Potential. 

“Liz is a truly inspirational leader and executive coach, who helped me discover my higher purpose and now I am projecting my energy to where I am happiest." - Clint Arthur


Meet Your Executive Coach Liz


Liz Dingle has quickly made a name for herself in the corporate world as a results driven Executive Mindset Coach, with an authentic and personalised style.

During the pandemic Liz shot to success after growing her new business from one to over 50 Senior Executive and C-Suite clients in just 12 months.

Liz's testimonials speak for themselves and her business is well on it's way to becoming predominantly referral based.

She facilitates a structured internationally recognised program, that gives her clients the peace-of-mind that they are receiving the most up-to-date and powerful information regarding mindset and human potential available worldwide.  

Her passion is to empower Senior Leaders to create the career and lives they truly want, by overcoming their own limiting beliefs and circumstances.

This is where Liz thrives. 


Liz's Journey To Coaching


After 20 years of working in senior, highly demanding roles within corporate retail marketing for brands like Kathmandu, Marks & Spencer and Gazman, Liz decided it was time to follow her heart, rather than her head. She realised that it was these limiting beliefs, keeping her exactly where she was, and unknowingly stopping her from doing what she really wanted to do in her career.

So, with a great marketing career behind her, Liz put a line in the sand and decided to walk away from it all to start a new career and her own business that would suit who she was and the life she wanted for herself and her family.

As a sole parent with 2 young boys, taking this enormous step out of her comfort zone, before even starting her new business, was a huge risk to say the least, but Liz knew from her study that in order to make a dramatic shift in her career, it was going to take dramatic action.

Liz wanted to be in control of her career and her time. She decided she would be there for drop-offs, pick-ups and all the important milestones that she was missing in her job, and she would be more successful in business than ever.
Liz Dingle is quickly making a name for herself in the executive world as a results-driven Executive Mindset Coach, with an authentic and personalised style. She continues to help professionals achieve their true career and life potential every day.

Proctor Gallagher Institute


Liz is a registered coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

She facilitates the internationally recognised program, Thinking Into Results, created by world-famous human potential experts, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.

Her passion, care and determination to help professionals break through the fear and realise their true potential is now having enormous impacts on the lives of her clients.

Through Liz’s facilitation of the Thinking Into Results program and her personalised style of coaching, her clients are achieving massive shifts and fast success. They are cultivating fulfilling careers and happier lives for themselves and their families.

Liz’s passion and will are what has driven her so quickly to great heights of success in her career as an Executive Growth Coach.


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