Mindset coaching for high performance leaders and teams seeking exponential growth and accelerated results in their business, career and life. 


'Looking back, this coaching has made a massive difference to my family relationships, my job and my future career and life plans.' 
Paul Erskine - Head of Digital Strandbags

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Executive Excellence Coaching is dedicated to the personal transformation of leaders and teams in pursuit of professional excellence. Choose from private or group coaching, team workshops or immerse yourself with the professional network.

Executive Coaching

Are you interested in Executive Mindset Coaching for yourself or one of your leaders? Find out more here

Corporate Coaching

Do your leaders need some support? Private and group coaching is available for business in need of a mindset coach.  

C-Suite Squared

High intensity private mindset coaching for C-Suites seeking to multiple their business, career and life success.

Introducing Executive Mindset Coaching

Are you near the peak of your potential? Unhappy with your personal or professional life? Or maybe you need a bit of oomph to reinvigorate your leadership career?

Senior leaders like you may feel you’re near the peak of your potential, but I can guarantee you’re further away than you think. 

Many high performance professionals aren’t aware of their enormous greater potential, both in their personal and professional lives, let alone how to get there. 

I’ve taken high performance professionals like you way beyond this supposed “peak”, catapulting them further than they’ve ever been before, both personally and professionally, in just 12 months. 

My Executive Excellence Coaching helps senior business leaders with a 6-12 month mindset coaching program, structured and proven to help you reach your potential. 

If you:

  • Have parts of yourself you’ve left unexplored.
  • You’re not happy with your personal or professional self.
  • You reckon you’re already at the top of your professional game.
  • You’ve got limiting beliefs like impostor syndrome or a negative self image.
  • Or you’re really curious to find out what I’m on about!

Go ahead and schedule a chat with me here or via my LinkedIn.

Due to the high-intensity of my programs I choose to only take on a limited number of leaders at a time, so if this is resonating with you, schedule a call with me today. 



 After 20 years of working in senior corporate marketing, Liz decided it was time to follow her heart, rather than her head.

She realised that it was these limiting beliefs keeping her exactly where she was and unknowingly stopping her from doing what she really wanted to do in her career.

So, with a great marketing career behind her, Liz put a line in the sand and decided to walk away from it all to start a new career and her own business that would suit who she was and the life she wanted for herself and her family.

Find out more about Liz's journey here

Proctor Gallagher Institute

Liz is a registered coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. 

She facilitates the internationally recognised program, Thinking Into Results, created by world-famous human potential experts, the late Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.

Her passion, care and determination to help professionals break through the fear and realise their true potential is now having enormous impacts on the lives of her clients.

Through Liz’s facilitation of the Thinking Into Results program and her personalised style of coaching, her clients are achieving life-changing shifts and fast success. They are cultivating fulfilling careers and happier lives for themselves and their families. 

 Liz’s passion and will are what has driven her so quickly to great heights of success in her career as an Executive Mindset Coach. 

Inskilling is the new upskilling...

Business leaders are now looking to support the inner development of their leaders, both personally and professionally, through mindset coaching.

Inskilling is the new upskilling! But what does this even mean? Traditional study and coaching to further our careers and success has been about learning new external skills, but inskilling is not about what outer skills we have mastered, it's about mastering ourselves. 

Learning how to improve your mindset from the inside out is the most powerful way to achieve new external results. 

But we have been taught to live our lives from the outside in, rather than the inside out. 

Therefore, a mindset shift must occur. 

Mindset Coaching takes you on an inner journey to discover your true potential and learn the skills required to thrive personally and professionally under all conditions.


Corporate Coaching

Do your leaders need some support? Private and group coaching is available for business in need of a mindset coach. 

Professional Network

Join a professional network of senior leaders seeking their highest potential through the support of like-minded executives. 

Executive Coaching

Are you interested in Executive Mindset Coaching for yourself or one of your leaders? Find out more here

Why Undertake Executive Mindset Coaching? 

Mindset Coaching is the number one key to success for leaders seeking to unlock their highest professional potential. While most coaching programs equip you with new outer lessons and skills, mindset coaching works on your inner programs to improve your beliefs, behaviours, self-image and confidence.

 Through the study and understanding of mindset principles, leaders can create new beliefs and behaviours that will lead them to extraordinary professional results. 

 Leaders who undertake Mindset Coaching experience incredible personal and professional growth and create happier and more successful lives, relationships, careers and businesses.

Client Testimonials

Find out why there's so much more to gain than just career development in Mindset Coaching.

Arvind Vasudevan

National Director for H&R Block

For me this was one of the best courses to have been a part of and Liz is a fantastic facilitator, who will make anyone who does this, look at their career and personal goals differently! I highly recommend the programme for any Senior Executive, under the excellent guidance and coaching that Liz imparts.

Karen Taylor

Senior Director for Universal Pictures  

Thank you Liz for all of your support and always challenging your clients to take on the next adventure. Your ability to encourage people to look at life in a new way is an inspiration. I know I am just one of many people who have grown, not only from your program, but from support of the great community you have built.

Paul Erskine

Head of Digital for Strandbags

Working with Liz on the Thinking into Results course has been a life changing experience. 
Liz's knowledge and positivity has been such a great support. I am excited now about the future from a career and personal point of view and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to uncover their true potential.

Aaron Langer

Director for Arms of Eve 

Liz is sincere, open and generous, not to mention intuitive, that through an initial 1:1 conversation, a great idea was born. We've seen our business flourish in the shortest amount of time and we're now more focused and driven with a big goal that we're getting closer and closer to every day.

Tara Broomfield

Head of Menswear for Kmart 

Working with Liz over the past 6 months has been transformable. Liz has further ignited
my passion for leading myself and my team. There have been so many great take away moments during this time. I highly recommend Liz as a coach and mentor.

Clint Arthur

Co-Director for Ocean Floor Records

Liz is a truely inspirational leader and executive coach. During her human potential course 'Thinking into Results', I have discovered my higher purpose and am projecting my time and energy to where I am happiest. If you have not reached your full potential, than I highly recommend Liz Dingle.

If you’re ready for a life-changing journey that will accelerate your career and improve your results beyond where they have ever been before, you’ve come to the right place.


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